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Consulting company -
«Hotel Professionals»
Farm 'Chicken' - Wine"
all Ukraine Tours!
Oleksandr Kalinichenko
combines all that is
necessary for the traveler
«Ustin Maltsev»
charitable Foundation
Unifer International GmbH
agricultural input products
Advanced Design
alliance Engineering Center
extraction and usage of
minerals of seas and oceans
Ltd. Interlink.
Ukrainian manufacturer
and exporter natural food
Scam Check Agency
of Ukrainian girls
Dufferin Hill Real Estate
homes for sale in Ontario
Unona International
apartment rental in Ukraine

Web-studio Wezom

From Enthusiasm To Professionalism

Eleven years ago we were a group of enthusiasts; today we are a team of professional Web Developers. The Wezom web-studio opens new opportunities for businesses by representing them on the Internet.

For us professionalism is not an empty word. We know how important it is for businesses to have an effective website. We know what our clients want and how to give it to them.

Why are we better than others?

  • All our projects are unique, without exception.
  • Creativity. We do not use stock web templates; we create individual designs for each project.
  • The quality of our projects is consistently high. We work with reliable and effective technologies; we work as if for ourselves.
  • Quick turnaround. We set up a deadline and we keep it.

Keeping pace with rapidly developing technologies is of utmost importance. Regular updates to frameworks and engines make our websites fast and powerful, which allows them to handle growing traffic without compromising security. Working diligently, Wezom creates space for development and outclasses competitors in the process. We offer a simple and comfortable interface for content management, which allows the project to realize its full potential.

So what do our clients get? They get a powerful vehicle to manage and grow their business and achieve their objectives. Our websites are easy to manage and can be enhanced quickly to add new functions.

All our projects are important to us - whether you’d like to create a web intro for your small business or an extensive site for a large corporation with thousands of employees. That is why Wezom’s partners include private entrepreneurs, well-known industries and factories, print media, banks and government agencies. Our current clients are in Kiev, Kherson and other parts of Ukraine, and we are actively seeking new international clients as well.

We successfully develop projects of high complexity because we are professionals. Wezom web-studio creates websites with sophisticated designs, effective management systems, mechanisms of content control and management.

Our clients are always satisfied, because we give them our best.